Pride N Joy Rabbitry

Holland Lop Rabbitry in Southern Indiana

LL Congo

Black Tort Sr Buck

5 Grand Champion Legs

(LL USA X Camelot's Trinity)

Lines include LL, Camelot & thf Saynora

TWP's Smooch

Broken Black Tort Sr Buck

14 Grand Champion Legs

(Hailey's Moose X Pride N Joy's Summer)

Lines include C.C. Hailey's, L&R, Lil' Bit Farm & Camelot

LL Finn

photo by Little Lops Rabbitry

Broken Black Sr Buck

5 Grand Champion Legs

(LL Broadsky X Karrot Kreek's Sookie)

Lines include LL, TLS & thf Saynora

Pride N Joy's I'm Taken

Broken Black Sr Buck

2 Grand Champion Legs

(LL Finn X Hailey's Wildkat)

Lines include C.C. Hailey's, LL & thf Saynora

Pride N Joy's Impulsive

Broken Black Tort Sr Buck

4 Grand Champion Legs

(Lil' Bit Farm's Impulse X TWP's Finnaula)

Lines include Lil' Bit Farm's, LL & Broo

CR & DB Tonka

Black Tort Sr Buck
5 Grand Champion Legs
Winner of Three Reserve In Shows & one Best In Show!
(CR & DB Bones X CR & DB Ling Sue)
Lines include CR & DB, Karrot Kreek, Camelot, AC & DTL

Pride N Joy's Finnatic

Black Tort Sr Buck

4 Grand Champion Legs

(TWP's Smooch X TWP's Finnceline)

Lines include Hailey's, TWP, Pride N Joy & LL

TWP's Tom Kat

Broken Black Tort Charlie Buck

2 Grand Champion Legs

(Brock's Fallen Ears Cupid X TWP's Katapult)

Lines are Brock's Fallen Ears, C.C. Hailey's & LL

Pride N Joy's Murray

Broken Blue Sr Buck

2 Grand Champion Legs

(LL Finn X Karrot Kreek's Mattie)

Lines include LL, thf Saynora & Karrot Kreek

Garden's Kozma

Black Tort Sr Buck

(Karrot Kreek's Axel X Garden Bunny Farm's Shontelle)

Lines include Garden Bunny Farm, Karrot

Kreek, GBF & thf Saynora

Pride N Joy's Zeus

Black Otter Jr Buck

(Garden's Kozma X Pride N Joy's Athena)

Lines include Karrot Kreek, Garden Bunny Farm, LL 

& Pride N Joy

Pride N Joy's Cozmo

Broken Tort Jr Buck

(Garden's Kozma X Pride N Joy's Cori)

Lines include LL, Karrot Kreek, & Garden Bunny Farm

Pride N Joy's Tydel Wave

Broken Blue Point Jr Buck
(LL Tyson X Creekside's Adele)
Lines include LL, Country Charm & Planks

Dovehill's Bam

Opal Sr Buck
2 Grand Champion Legs
(Lov's B-Beefy X Naragon's N386)
Lines include Lov's Naragon's & Scott's

LL Tyson

Broken Black Tort Sr Buck

(LL Ty X LL Dallas)

LL Lines

Pride N Joy's Hercules

Black Otter Jr Buck
(Pride N Joy's I'm Taken X Pride N Joy's Hera)
Lines include LL, Hailey's & Pride N Joy

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