Pride N Joy Rabbitry

Holland Lop Rabbitry in Southern Indiana


We are current working in the following varieties of Netherland Dwarfs...

Self Group:  REW, Black & Blue

Shaded Group: Siamese Sable & Smoke Pearl

Agouti Group : Chestnut & Chinchilla

Tan Pattern : Otter & Silver Marten

AOV Group: Broken & Himi

SELLING OUT OF Netherland Dwarfs

                                                       JR's Wow

 Sr REW Netherland Dwarf Buck

  (Shinobi's Assassin X JR's Evie)

14 Legs


                                                  Fortier's Sheldon

Sr Siamese Sable Netherland Dwarf Buck 

(Fortier's Jr X Covert's Flirt)

4 Legs


                                                         Cd's Ryan

Sr Chestnut Netherland Dwarf Buck

 (Cd's Snowman X Cd's 6L)

5 Legs


                                             Pride N Joy's Apollo

Sr Netherland Dwarf Opal Buck

(CN's Zeus X CN's Lil)

                                                    Cd's Wilburt

Sr Black Otter Netherland Dwarf Buck

 (Cd's Wilson X Cd's Mole)

                                              Pride N Joy's Mantis

Black Himalayan Sr Netherland Dwarf Buck

(Pride N Joy's Katydid X GC Skirvin's Freddie)

Grand Champion ~ 4 Legs




                                             Pride N Joy's Teddie

Blue Himalayan Jr Netherland Dwarf Buck

(Pride N Joy's Freddie X Pride N Joy's Trixie)

1 Leg


at the Harrison County Fair 2013


Netherland Dwarf Bucks not pictured ~

RCM's Ted ~ Silver Marten buck with 5 legs (Mr T X JRC30)

EB's Nugget ~ Chestnut buck with 3 legs (Bond's Prince Poppycock X EB's Buttercup)

Simons/Wencl Xerox ~ Black Otter buck (Simons' Shotz X Simons'XA)

Simons /Wencl Jackpot ~ Black Otter buck (Simons' Powerball X Bond's Penelope)

Reference Netherland Dwarf Bucks

Pride N Joy's Locust

Siamese Sable Sr Netherland Dwarf Buck

(GC Pride N Joy's Frisco X Pride N Joy's Katydid)
Grand Champion ~ 3 Legs

 CN's Zeus

Jr Chinchilla Netherland Dwarf buck

(CN's CH X CN's J6)

Laura & Ruth's Ned

Sr Black Otter Netherland Dwarf Buck

(Big John~Import X Laura & Ruth's Rianna)

6 Legs


Sr Himi Netherland Dwarf buck

(Reynold's Alex X CD's Sara)

3 Legs

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